The hot temperatures of summer are behind us and cooler fall weather has arrived. Here are a few ideas for fall home improvement projects you can tackle now in the more moderate weather.

Gutter Repairs are Part of Fall Home Improvement

Fall is a great time to inspect and repair your home’s gutters and downspouts. Gutters funnel water away from your home and help prevent water damage and flooding. Keep them clean so water can flow freely.

Hire a company to do the gutter cleaning and maintenance, or tackle the task yourself. After cleaning the gutters, examine them for rust and secure any loose pieces that are pulling away from the house.

Add Mulch to Flower Beds

Your garden will benefit from adding a layer of mulch in the fall. Mulch protects your perennials, insulates the ground, and helps the soil retain water. Fresh mulch also makes your garden beds look tidy and improves curb appeal.

Clean and Store Lawn Furniture

Make it a goal to clean and repair your outdoor furniture before the temperature drops below freezing. It’s a good idea to store it away during winter so the expansion and contraction of ice won’t damage the pieces.

Clean and refinish the furniture, and tighten any hardware before storing it until next season. Wooden furniture can be sanded and stained. Metal or wicker furniture will be much improved with a coat of protective spray paint.

Fall Home Improvement: Driveway Repairs

Cracks in your driveway allow water in. If it freezes over the winter, the ice expands in the holes and gaps and makes the damage worse. Fall is the perfect opportunity to repair cracks in the driveway. The weather is mild and you’ll be able to complete the work before it gets cold.

Store Terra Cotta Planters

If you enjoy container gardening, take steps to care for your planters in the fall. Remove any dead or dying annuals and dump the dirt into your compost pile. Clean the planters thoroughly before storing them away for winter. Just one cold spell can cause ceramic and terracotta pots to crack.

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