You want your home to be attractive and comfortable. It is even more important for your house to be a healthy and safe place to live. There are some hazards that could be in your home that you may have not thought about. Here are five things you can do to make your home healthy and safe for your family.

Find Out the Radon Levels to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Radon is a dangerous gas that can cause lung cancer if you are exposed to it over long periods of time. One in fifteen homes in the United States has unsafe levels of radon. Because radon is invisible and odorless, have your home tested to make your home healthy and safe. If high levels are detected, install a radon mitigation system.

Swimming Pool Safety

If you have a swimming pool at your home, you are faced with more safety challenges than the average homeowner. Install a fence around your pool with a locking gate so that unsupervised children cannot access it. Maintain the pool by checking its chemical balance and pH regularly so that the water is safe to swim in. Keep Coast Guard-approved life-saving objects near the pool.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are basic but essential items to keep your home healthy and safe. It is not enough to have these devices installed in the right places. Detectors should be tested often to make sure their batteries are still working. If the batteries are dead or the alarm is dysfunctional for another reason, it can’t alert you to danger.

Keep Your Home Dry

Moisture in the home is a threat to both your health and the house’s condition. Moisture causes mold, which damages building materials and poses health risks. Do everything you can to keep your home dry, like fixing plumbing leaks, using a dehumidifier, and cleaning up spills quickly.

Make Your Home Healthy and Safe By Cleaning it Often

Like mold, dust also causes allergies and respiratory problems. Keep your home healthy and safe by dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping often. A clean home has better air quality. Stay away from cleaning products that contain volatile organic compounds and harsh chemicals.

Implement these 5 tips to provide your family with a healthier and safer place to live.

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