Keeping your gutters clean is important to your home’s health, as it prevents excess rainwater from damaging your home and landscape. If you struggle with cleaning gutters, it may be because you aren’t doing it correctly. Here are a few professional tips on how to clean your gutters the right way.

‏Safety First‏

‏Cleaning gutters can be dangerous in many cases, which is why you should plan for safety before getting started. Make sure you have a stable ladder and wear protective clothing. Gloves are helpful for removing dirt and leaves from the gutters. It’s also a great idea to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from mud and debris.

‏Remove Leaves and Twigs to Clean Your Gutters

‏Start by taking a small plastic shovel and scooping the leaves, sticks, and debris into a bucket. You might also spread a tarp on the ground beside the ladder and toss debris down. It’s important to remove as much as possible from the gutter channels before rinsing them. Take care not to leave any large sticks or animal nests in the gutter as these might cause clogs. If you can’t remove it with a scoop, use your gloved hands instead.‏

‏Wash Out Debris‏

‏Once the leaves and twigs are removed, you can safely rinse out any remaining dirt. Use a garden hose to flush the channels and scrub them clean with a soft brush if needed. If your gutters are very dirty, you may want to use a pressure washer instead. Choose a low setting and take care not to damage the guttering with high pressure.

‏Learn How to Clean Broken Gutters‏

‏If your gutters have cracks or are broken, you’ll need to be more careful when cleaning. High pressure from a garden hose or pressure washer could make the problems worse. Remove leaves, pine needles, and twigs before gently rinsing the gutters. After flushing them with water, you’ll be able to spot cracks or leaks.

Use a DIY gutter repair tape or sealant and apply it to the cracks. This will work in most cases. If the crack is large, you may need to consider a replacement or hire professional help.‏

‏How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?‏

‏While most experts recommend cleaning gutters at least twice a year, this varies depending on your property. If there are a lot of trees near your house, leaves will accumulate and get stuck in your gutters. You will need to clean them more frequently, possibly once each season.

‏Cleaning your gutters is essential as it allows water to flow away from your home. It also gives you the opportunity to repair damage or cracks in the gutters. If you follow these simple steps, gutter cleaning should go smoothly. However, if you’re in doubt, hire a professional to perform this task safely.

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