There are certain summer home maintenance tasks to tackle over the warmer months, and neglecting them affects your property. Here are 5 things to take care of around your home.

AC Maintenance

Ideally, AC servicing should take place before you start using the unit for the summer. However, it’s not too late to call an HVAC technician to clean and inspect the components of the system make any necessary repairs. Changing the filter is included in this service, but you should still regularly change the filter yourself as needed during the summer. How often to change the filter depends on your unit model and brand, so refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Summer Home Maintenance Includes Trimming Trees and Bushes

The plants on your property grow quickly during summer with more sunlight and rainstorms. It’s much easier to pull weeds and trim back shrubs and trees before they get overgrown. Keep an eye on the vegetation in your yard and tend to it regularly to keep it from getting out of control in the summer.

Mow the Lawn Regularly

Grass also grows faster during the summer. Mow the lawn once a week or once every other week. The grass stays healthier when you mow it more frequently. Don’t cut it too short or the grass will suffer. Only remove the top ⅓ of the blade. Waiting until the grass grows too tall puts unneeded wear and tear on your mower and can damage the lawn.

Caulk Windows and Weatherstrip Doors

Make the home airtight in the summer to help it stay cooler inside. This helps your cooling system run more efficiently, which saves energy and money. Look for gaps around doors and windows and seal them up. Adhesive weatherstripping works best around door frames and silicone caulk is great for windows.

Clean the Grill for Ongoing Summer Home Maintenance

One summer maintenance task that is ongoing is cleaning the grill after each grilling session. Wait for the grill to cool down before cleaning it to prevent burns. Using a clean grill is safer and improves the taste of food.

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