A power outage can ruin your plans and be a massive inconvenience if you are not well prepared. Keeping yourself and your family safe and comfortable during this time is important. Below, we have put together ways you can best prepare for a power outage.

To Prepare for a Power Outage Have Your Flashlights Ready

Power outages often occur out of the blue. Keep a few flashlights around the house in easy-to-find places for when you lose power. Do not rely on a single flashlight. Make sure there are enough for at least one per person.

Rechargeable lights should always be kept with a full charge, but also stock up on batteries for the flashlights that may need them. Candles are great and affordable to use during a power outage. However, be aware of the safety risks when using candles and handle them with care. Never go to sleep with candles or any open fire still burning.

Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Closed

If the power goes out, avoid opening your fridge or freezer as much as you can. Leaving the door closed helps to keep your food cold and fresh for longer. A fridge can keep your food safely cool for about 4 hours while a freezer will maintain its temperature for 24-48 hours.

Once the power returns, check and discard any food that has developed an unusual odor, color, or texture. Any medications that require refrigeration should always be discarded and replaced unless the label says otherwise.

Have a Family Plan to Prepare for a Power Outage

One of the most important things to remember is never to panic. Creating a family plan for events such as this will help keep everyone calm and prepared. This plan should help your family members know what to do and where to go to keep warm, safe, and together.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

It is always a good idea to put together an emergency kit for you and your family. Be sure to include a first aid kit, non-perishable food, and sufficient water for everyone. If you have an electric stove, stock up on food that does not need to be cooked or consider getting a gas-fueled, outdoor grill.

Have a Battery or Solar-Powered Radio

An emergency radio that works with batteries or solar power is important to keep on hand in the event of an emergency evacuation or natural disaster.

Prepare for a Power Outage by Protecting Your Electronics

Your home may experience a surge of electricity when the power goes out or when the power is restored. In order to protect your appliances and electronics from surge damage, remember to unplug them. Use surge protectors with your electronics for an extra layer of protection from power outages.

Consider Investing in a Backup Generator

Power outages are often unpredictable and always inconvenient. A portable generator is a great investment to keep your family comfortable during these times. You can use it to charge your devices and to keep your fridge and freezer running until the power returns.

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